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Our Approach

We see ourselves as a “People Improvement Business” and our purpose is to help you identify negative patterns that hold you back, learn better skills, find solutions that work, and achieve your personal goals.

We work with a variety of clients with a variety of difficulties including, deep emotional traumas, depression/anxiety, personality disorders, bi-polar, ADHD, etc.. Others may have difficulty in adjusting to a new job or school, marriage issues, divorce, parenting problems, or simply desire help in clarifying goals.

We treat each client as an individual which means we don’t use cookie cutter approaches or stick with only one type of therapy. We utilize several tools and provide you with the unique approach that works best for you and your situation. If we feel that we don’t have the skills to help you, we will help you find someone that does.


Daniel Roberts
Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Marriage and Family Counselor

Meet the Therapist

When I am asked about my profession, I usually respond with “I’m in the people improvement business”. What I do is much more than counseling, it is a holistic or orthomolecular approach utilizing tools and knowledge from psychotherapy, coaching, and business. I’ve learned that true lasting change for a client requires more skills and techniques than a university degree and license provides.

My passion is in empowering individuals and couples to overcome obstacles and improve their relationships (with self, spouse, kids, family & work). It has been a privilege to witness the transformations of my clients as they break their destructive patterns to form relationships that are based on honesty, respect, and true intimacy. I enjoy helping individuals, couples, and businesses discover and create the life they desire.

“Can you help me in my situation?”

I could tell you all about my 20+ years of training/certifications, therapeutic methods, and the usual psychobabble jargon professionals use. However, if you are like most people, that information is boring and doesn’t answer your main question; “Can you help me in my situation?”.

To be honest, I don’t know if I can help you until we meet and explore what is going on in your life that has led you to this search. Since 1994, I have assisted thousands of individuals, couples, and families find direction, solutions, and peace in their lives. In times of challenges, it helps to talk with someone that will listen and help find options and solutions without judging and criticizing.

I will help you through those challenges to find solutions that work for you and your situation. With that said; if we find that I don’t have the expertise to help you in your situation, I will help you find a therapist that can.

Additional Info… (boring part)
Daniel is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a Marriage and Family Counselor. He has helped thousands of individuals and couples repair and improve their relationships since 1994. Along with receiving specific academic training in clinical social work, psychology, and marriage/family therapy, he has pursued extensive training in relationships outside of academia.

He personally trained with relationship expert Dr. John Gray and the Mars Venus Institute (1997-2002), has studied the work of numerous relationship pioneers, like John & Julie Gottman (Gottman Institute), and has conducted hundreds of relationship workshops for couples, universities, police departments, businesses, and the military.

Daniel works with a diverse clientele including CEO’s, celebrities, politicians, and everyday workers. His experience includes teaching groups, businesses, schools, and governments on a variety of topics including self-improvement, relationships, and management.

What Others Are Saying

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2018 – 2024

Hello R
Hello R
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Received great service with `Mr Roberts. He took the time to understand our issues and helped us change our negative patterns. He taught us about ourselves and how to have a successful relationship. We can now easily say we are happily married. We recommend this service.
Thomas J.
Thomas J.
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I seldom write reviews but I felt my experience might help some other blockhead like me get the help needed to improve their marriage. Here’s my story… My wife “nagged” me into going with her for therapy to “save” our marriage. She kept saying that her friend’s marriage was saved after getting counseling with Daniel. I dreaded going believing that I would be blamed for all our relationship problems (she nagged for months before I agreed to go). I was also concerned that it would be some touchy-feely candle incense burning New Age thing. I was wrong. I found that Daniel was very understanding and remained neutral validating my views and helping us understand how to communicate effectively. For the first time in years I felt that my wife and I were actually listening to each other and understanding. He did call us out on our excuses helping us to learn to be honest with ourselves and each other. We were given homework each week and held accountable for following through, it wasn’t too hard but we had to do some thinking, it helped us get out of the negative patterns and the rut we have been stuck in. Overall, I found that the insight, wisdom, and knowledge Daniel provided has helped us create the marriage we always wanted but didn’t know how to reach. From a man’s perspective, Daniel’s style and practical applications of knowledge was a great experience. My wife also felt comfortable and excited about how the process worked. We highly recommend Daniel if you want to improve or save your marriage. It has been over six months since our last therapy session and our marriage has never been stronger. (BTW.. there was no incense or candles.)
Susan W
Susan W
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Mr. Daniel was great, he had good insights and helped us through some rough times. He was down to earth and very helpful in assisting us in learning better skills, resolving resentments, and re-igniting our relationship. We highly recommend Mr. Daniel.
Jane S.
Jane S.
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I've been to counselors most of my life. Dr Roberts was able to help me to identify why counseling never really worked in the past; instead it kept me stuck. He taught me how to get a life, and how to live "life on purpose" as he would say. With me he didn't do all the usual touchy feely stuff my other therapists would do. Rather he offered practical, reality based therapy holding me accountable, helping me to be in charge of me. I am now living life and enjoying all the ups and downs. Thanks Doc!

Our Brief History

Our start began in 1994 under the name Aspen Youth Services (AYS) with three part-time staff. Our primary focus at the time was children, teens, and families providing services to those who made too much money to get Medicaid and not enough to get health insurance. We soon found that the initials (AYS) were often confused with Arizona Youth Services; we got tired of all the calls for the state so we changed the name to Youth Enrichment Services.

We soon added Building Blocks Unlimited and Parent-Child Connections under the YES umbrella of services. In 1997 we started Enrichment Services Inc. focusing on counseling for adults, couples, and training to businesses and government agencies. In 2000 we combined everything under the name of Enrichment Services Inc. and today we are Enrichment Services International.

Since our humble start, we have had many changes which include locations (Arizona, Utah, Guam, Saipan, and Florida), contracts with youth services, military, police departments, domestic violence shelters, and fortune 500 companies. We worked with several different cultures providing counseling therapy, training, consulting, and education to schools, governments, and businesses.

With changes in health insurance plans, contracting options, grants, laws, and training budgets, the decision was made to become a small private practice in 2017. Today we are settled in Tallahassee Florida and serve the North Florida region. In 2021 we are one primary therapist and a part-time assistant. Services are offered in-office and via our secure virtual office for E-Therapy.

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