If you are experiencing any of the following,

individual counseling may be the next step toward a new you.

Counseling therapy for individuals, children, teens, men, couples, and families.  Therapy depression, anxiety, stress, adjustment, life, divorce, mood disorders, bi polar, relationships, parenting, adhd, substance abuse, addiction, school.Life transitions
Intimacy issues
Childhood issues
School problems
Workplace issues
Irritability / Anger
Midlife crisis
Trust issues
Mood swings
Grief and loss
Substance abuse / addiction

The most important relationship you can ever have is the one with yourself.  The ability to maintain healthy relationships with friends, family, or co-workers depend on your own ability to maintain and lead a happy productive life.

There are many transitions in life that can disrupt our wellbeing, at those times we may need additional guidance and help with identifying negative patterns that hold us back, how to heal from the past, setting goals, and learning skills to keep our lives on a positive track.

Therapy can help both individuals and families seeking to improve their quality of life. If you are experiencing prolonged depression or anxiety, difficult life transitions, problems with past struggles, addiction, divorce, or any other issue that doesn’t get better despite your efforts, we can help you find the change you want in a non-judgmental and safe environment.

A common struggle we often fall into is getting stuck deciding if we should seek help or handle the problem on our own. This rut often makes our symptoms and pain worse. Keep this in mind: “A common cold doesn’t warrant going to the doctor, however, symptoms that don’t get better call for medical attention”. The same applies with emotional concerns. Getting those concerns addressed by a licensed therapist can lead to a happier, healthier, and more satisfying life. 

get the help you need

If you’d like to get started on a path to an improved model of yourself, whether you need to focus on substance abuse, intimacy issues, stress, overcoming a major life change or something else, we can help.

We will listen to your concerns and help you gain insight into why you are experiencing your particular issues.  More importantly, we will help you find resolution so you can start living the life you desire.

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