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Children, Teens, and Parents

Child, Teen and Family Therapy at Enrichment Services

Do you find your children are a challenge?

Is your teen or young adult having a tough time adjusting to life?

Do you often wonder whether your child will ever learn to behave properly?

Is your child or teen out of control?

Do you often feel like nothing you do as a parent works?

Are you ready to try therapy for your child, teen or famiy?

Therapy for Children Teens/Young Adults and Parents

We can help you navigate the challenges that families face in today’s world. All behavior is purposeful. Understanding that behavior and changing the behavior can be a challenge.

Children/teens do not have the vocabulary, experience, and understanding that adults have. They have difficulty in identifying their emotions and the reason behind certain behaviors. This often leads to a misdiagnosis from health care providers and unnecessary medications.

Teens and young adults often find themselves in adult situations with expectations that they are not emotionally ready to handle. Today’s digital world makes it more difficult for some youth to adjust to the real world. Anxiety, depression, and attention issues often set in. Drugs, alcohol, and internet addiction complicate that reality.

How child, teen and family therapy can work for you

Parenting can be a tough job, especially when what you are doing isn’t working. Some kids are more of a challenge than others and each one is uniquely different. Learning more effective parenting skills and communication skills can make a difference in your parenting success.

Beyond negative behaviors and parenting skills, some kids have deeper mental health issues. Parents need to be vigilant and seek help before these issues become worse. When caught early, the child and the parent can learn skills that take the stress out of the situation and provide a successful life. We highly caution against using medication, as it should only be used as the last option.

Finding Solutions that work

Our holistic and individual approach to identify the underlying causes leads to effective child, teen and family therapy treatment that lasts.

Some of the issues we work with

Coping skills

School Problems
Life Adjustments
College Life

Part of this includes:

  • Identifying and evaluating challenging behaviors
  • Exploring the environments/people in their lives
  • Teaching desirable behavioral and coping skills
  • Providing skills to identify and express emotions effectively
  • Improving communication skills
  • Providing parenting skills specific to child’s behavior
  • Creating an intrinsic value in the child/youth & caregiver
  • Creating a long term plan that works

Will child, teen and family therapy work?

There are three components here, the therapist, the child, and the parents. As the therapist, we will provide our knowledge and experience to provide effective treatment. The child/teen hopefully has a desire to change and find ways to make their life easier. The adults in their life are the most important part of this process and must be open to making changes themselves.

Maintaining Positive Change

For a child/teen to make long-term positive changes, parents must learn how to help and enforce better behaviors.

The main reasons therapy doesn’t work with children is the parent’s failure to be consistent with following the treatment plan, and ending treatment too soon.