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Life & Relationships don't have to be painful!

You can have the relationship of your d

Yelling, fighting, and arguing does not need to be a part of any family.  With guidance you can create a happy peaceful family.

You don't have to
struggle alone!

With a professional guide you can find hope, and your way out of the darkness.

If you don't seek help with us, get help somewhere. 

Don't let the
struggle continue!

There is hope!

Marriage therapy or couples counseling can help you re-discover the love that brought you together and build a stronger relationship...

Counseling for singles can help you create the relationship you have always wanted...

Child and teen counseling can help build family relationships and teach skills that will help develop positive behavior at school and at home...

Do you wonder:

"Will I ever be happy in a relationship?"

"Why do relationships cause me so much pain?"

"Will my child ever behave properly?"

How can I get through to my teen?"

"Will these feelings of anxiety and depression ever go away?"

"Will I ever find happiness?"

If you have, then you are certainly not alone!

Many individuals and couples struggle with these questions for years without ever finding the answer that leads them to have a happy and fulfilling relationship or marriage.

Children with behavioral problems and uncooperative teens cause much stress on a family and a relationship.  Most families hope the school or the church will help fix the problem only to find that the same problems exist.

Whether you are married, in a relationship, single, or have children with behavioral problems, you are probably exhausted and fed up with the painful struggle. Maybe you cling to relationships that hurt because you’re scared to be alone. Or, you might find yourself taking a fast exit when the conflict or pain gets to be too much.  Perhaps you feel stuck and paralyzed with no hope of finding the answers.

Whatever the case, you seem to repeat the same problems over and over again, feeling more hurt every time.

You long for a healthy relationship that doesn't constantly cause you pain.

Maybe you experience:

  • the pain of constant bickering with your partner about things that never get resolved
  • feeling alone or lonely because you're afraid of getting hurt
  • a dissatisfying sex life where your needs don't get met
  • the pain of constantly fighting, yelling, or begging your child to listen
  • uncontrolled anger, frustration, hyperactivity, or sadness with your child
  • feeling scared and hopeless that your teen will end up in jail, pregnant, or addicted to drugs
  • holding onto past relationship pain
  • blaming, criticizing, or attacking your partner
If you are experiencing any of the above problems,
then you need to keep reading...

You can break free from deeply ingrained destructive patterns to
create the loving relationship & life you have always wanted

Through relationship counseling or marriage therapy, you can have:

√  Closeness and intimacy that comes from a safe, trusting, and committed relationship

√  Open, honest and respectful communications where you are truly heard

√  Conflict that gets resolved and brings you closer together

√  Renewed sexual vitality with your partner

√  A greater love for yourself and your relationship

√  A trusting and meaningful relationship with your partner

√  Shared meaning, purpose, and vision for your life and your relationship

Through child or teen counseling you can have:

√  Open, honest and respectful communication

√  A trusting and meaningful relationship with your child

√  Resolved underlying behavioral problems at home and at school

√  Meaningful ways to resolve conflict and have mutual understanding

√  Regain family closeness and love between parent and child

You don't have to go through the struggle and pain alone. 
Counseling can help.

No one taught you how to have a happy and healthy relationship and children do not come with instruction manuals, so why would you know what to do?

Our therapists have experience in providing relationship counseling, individual counseling, and counseling for children and families.  You don't have to struggle with the pain alone.  Our counselors are dedicated to helping you find the answers.

Through relationship or marriage counseling we will assist you in forming a relationship that is loving, nurturing, and life-affirming.  You can grow in your relationship and relate in healthy ways.  You can find a way to voice your deepest needs.  You can feel safe and secure in a long-lasting and profoundly satisfying relationship.  Whether it is a relationship with your spouse, a partner, boss, or your child, we will help you through the struggle.

What makes us different from other therapists?

√  We are passionate about helping our clients move out of negative and painful patterns of relating to live full and rich relationships that are life-enhancing, enduring, and rewarding.

√  Our approaches are tailored to suit your needs and circumstances.  We do not use "cookie-cutter" methods.  We use therapy approaches that are in your best interest to gain the most in the shortest amount of time.

√  The foundation of our counseling approach is holistic.  We view the whole of you in context of your unique needs, values, and history.  This allows us to support you in accessing your inherent resources and strengths.

√  We offer flexible scheduling and home based or school based counseling where we come to you or your child for counseling.

√  Enrichment Services has provided individual, family, and relationship counseling services since 1996 including contracts with US Air Force, CNMI Division of Youth Services, and YES Academy.

√  If we are unable to meet your needs, we will help you find resources that are right for your situation.

If you want to move beyond the pain and struggle,
consider counseling with Enrichment Services. 
Don't let the struggle continue.

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